Professional Make Up Sunshine Coast

Forget Diamonds, according to Shima & Gloss, Make up is a girls best friend. It has the ability to completely transform you and even with the simplest touch can make any woman feel more beautiful and confident.


Professional application is the key, and with that comes skill, knowledge and expertise.

“Make up has certainly come a long way since the days of it having to be heavy or cakey, particularly with digital photography, so with the right products and techniques we are able to educate each client with what works for them”. Kim Bartlett- Professional Make Up Artist.

Napoleon trained, Kim prides herself on listening to her clients needs then being able to create a look for them that really reflects this. So weather it be for a professional photoshoot, a special occasion or even some make up tuition, Shima & Gloss have you covered.


Kim chooses a range of reputable and camera ready products for her business which include Napoleon, Mac, Face Atelier and Make Up Forever.  Shima & Gloss procedures are based on the highest standards so each product is researched, tried and tested before it touches a clients face. This ensures a safe and flawless make up every single time. “It is our priority to have you looking and feeling amazing.”